Friday, August 8, 2008

Lake Placid Update

I just spoke with Mike Levine and here is the update from Lake Placid. Yesterday, Brown Advisory played the incumbent Lake Placid champs from last year, the Road Warriors, and lost 12-2. The second game was a close one against the Buffalo Soldiers, and is currently being contested. Apparently they shortened the field to preserve field space and creatures from outer space started to attack the field. The Brown Advisory team was thrown off guard by these tactics and fell behind 6-1. During halftime, Brown Advisory put on their invisible shields and drank special gogo juice that made them faster than a kangaroo. They were able to pull the game with 3 points at 8-5 when the aliens used a time machine and accelerated the clock, subsequently preventing the team from winning with what should have been adequate time. In addition to moving time forward, the players got older and now needed to play in the Grand Master's division. They now played for the Mr. Boh team against the Silver Bullet's and almost won a very close 10-7 game.

The South has had a good showing to include:
Mike Levine, Jon"theatom"Reed, Bobby Hallett, Ivan Sheffron, and Matt Robinson

Stay tuned for Pictures.

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