Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lake Placid Update

As the weather cleared, so did the cobwebs from the heads of the boys from the south, with the Brown Advisory team recording a stunning overtime win against CVLC (Connecticut Valley LC). With the team down by two in the final minute, the tenacious defenders of Brown stole the ball and cleared, leading to a text book break and score. Then, with 30 seconds left on the running clock, the team hurried for a face-off, fought fiercely for the ground ball, and quickly worked to the crease where an open Matt Robinson (Bombers) found the back (well, maybe the side just beyond the pipe) of the net to tie the game as time expired. With that shift of momentum, it didn't take much of the OT period for Brown to again find the net with the game winner. Wheh!

In the meantime, the Boh Grand Masters continued to search for their A-game amidst, which clearly is lost somewhere in the cloud-shrouded peaks of the Adirondacks. The afternoon game saw Boh play text book lacrosse . . . for half a game, leading to a 1-1 halftime score against a tough team from Long Island (Checkmate Inn - Stony Brook, NY). But, like a keg that's been tapped too long, Boh went flat in the second half and gave up 6 unanswered goals en route to a deflating 7-1 defeat. Still, as the sky cleared, the team drank like champions till the sun went down.

Play resumes today at 11:00 with Boh taking on the winless Eagles. Masters play resumes at 1:00 with Brown Advisory taking on the feared Canistigionne Crabmen. Stay tuned . . .

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