Monday, July 14, 2008

Lax Classic

This weekend's Lax Classic tournament is in the books. Sadly, the boys from Virginia did not emerge as champions. We did, however, earn some respect for the Commonwealth, by beating a tough Outlaws team and giving two very strong teams -- Mr. Boh and Lacrossewear -- a run for their money. We need not discuss our opening game against last year's champion, Mariners, who we were forced to play with no subs. Offensive kudos go to all 6 of our short sticks for running nonstop for four games. Dave Sadlier gets offensive MVP, which he clinched after Jon Reed, who led our offense on Saturday after finding his groove and unleashing blistering heat shot after shot, failed to post for Sunday's games. Chris Loebs gets honorable mention for three hard-earned goals. Cy Krohn, our defensive MVP, was impenetrable in goal, except for the shots that careened off the random clumps of grass in front of the crease, for which we do not hold him accountable. Overall, the tournament was a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to our next tournament outing at Laxtoberfest (separate e-mail to follow). Thanks again to the guys who made the trip for not backing down in the face of adversity -- and teams with 10+ former all-Americans!

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