Saturday, April 12, 2008

Upcoming Lacrosse Tournaments


Please take a look at the following tournament schedule and email me with which
one(s) you would like to attend. Mike Levine and I are trying to assess interest, budget and feasibility. I hope everyone is doing well with coaching, playing and parenting:

The OC tournament is August 14 - 17. Registration is $850, if paid by 5/1. Otherwise it is $950. A deposit of $200 is due by 3/31.
Lake Placid is August 6 - 10. Registration is open only by invitation, but we can ask to be placed on a waitlist. If so, we need to decide whether we are Masters or Grandmasters. I'm not sure about the age limits.
Vail is June 28 - July 6. Is there any interest here?
Cherry Blossom Tournament is the third weekend of April. I sent an e-mail to the organizer to see if there is availability.
LaxVegas is Sept. 21 - 23. No info. available yet for 2008 registration.
Hawaii is Oct. 24 -26. Any serious interest???

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