Thursday, October 25, 2007

Unfair Advantage

It became very clear that the team that won the crown for the Fredericksburg Fieldhouse Master's Tournament had an unfair advantage over those committed Bad Backs Players Bobby Hallett and Chris Adams. If you look closely at the link that I have provided, LINK it became very clear to me that the winning Mr. Boh team used their "Lower Extremity Invisibilization Machine" or LEIN, to render one of their players invisible from the neck down. How were my two clients supposed to compete with that level of sophistication. Now I may just be a frozen caveman lawyer, and your new wave lacrosse technologies may be new to me, but one thing I am certain, and that is if my clients were defeated by outer space technologies that have not been invented yet, they are entitled to nothing less than free beer and hot dogs for the rest of their life.

Key Rock
Frozen Cave Man Lawyer

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