Friday, August 3, 2007

The End of the Endless Summer- Thank you Tripleedge


As the Endless Summer begins to slow down, we take a moment and pause, reflecting on the fantastic season and friendships we developed during the season. With the help of ice, ibuprofen and beer, the pain and swelling will subside and the bruises will change colors. We will begin to feel young again and our bad backs will heal, reminding us that we are competitors and remain prepared and poised to fight another battle. Lacrosse is the greatest game on earth and the value physically, mentally and spiritually are well documented.

We won with pride and lost with dignity this year. Our overall record was 6-2 and we were runners up for the Championship Title. The Bombers are a fantastic team that have played together for years including many travel tournaments both in and out of season. I was so proud of the way our team came together and competed this year. The new personnel additions to our team made a huge impact on the 2007 season. Thanks to everyone who referred players and kept our team competitive.

For all of those 2006 Bad Backs players that could not play this year, we hope that circumstances will bring them back into the Northern Virginia area in future years. As I mentioned last year, anyone who has played for the 2007 Bad Back's team will be grandfathered in for future seasons.

Thank you for bringing your families to the games and allowing them to share in the passion. I will be working on a digital forum for all of us to communicate more effectively regarding tournaments, games, happy hours, etc. I will also touch base with Pat Stewart regarding some of the ideas that have been mentioned.

Thank you all for being willing and able to do whatever the team asked of you and stepping up when we needed you! It's great to know each of you and I look forward to coming years. I'd also like to thank Tripleedge for making all of this happen!

Sticks Up and Cheers,


Pat Sheridan said...

Schoeb - you're a madman!

Mike Levine said...

John, you clearly have too much time on your hands!

Guys - please let me know ASAP whether you want to play in the Hero's Laxtoberfest Tourney (Oct. 6-7). It looks like there is room for more masters teams, so we can definitely do this if we have enough interest.

Pat Sheridan said...

Mike - count me in for the Hero's tournament.

Bad Backs Lax said...

I'm Thirsty!